China: future publishing directions

04 February 2016 7:15 pm

Willow Lecture Theatres.

China: future publishing directions

China- Future Publishing Directions


  • Rob Scriven
  • Chris Patterson
  • Jennifer Ahn

Discover more about China's publishing industry with the help of experts Rob Scriven and Chris Patterson.

The publishing industry in China is valued at US$ 8 billion and is the second biggest in the world after the United States. Chinese publishers published nearly 450,000 titles and 8.3 billion books. Chinese citizens are also avid readers with roughly 78% of people in China reading regularly and nearly 60% reading for an hour a day on digital platforms.

In 2014 China bought rights to over 18,000 foreign works and sold rights for nearly 10,500 titles to international publishing houses.

The increased contact between publishing industries in China and the West has created new opportunities for investment, which is sure to continue to grow as Chinese publishers become more proactive in overseas marketing and western audiences become more familiar with Chinese authors and media.

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Headington Hill campus, Oxford Brookes.


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